Updated: May 23


Here at Freelancer Magazine, we love and support the work-from-home lifestyle, but we also know that it can be lonely. Some people thrive off being solo, but we all need to interact with another life-force now and then. An intimate relationship would be nice, but that might not be part of your life right now. You tried roommates in the past, but it turns out you’re too anal about silverware. You need a pet, plain and simple. Something to be responsible for while also filling your quiet abode. For a work-from-home environment, there are plenty of good options.


There’s a misconception about cats being cold and distant. Cats can show just as much love as dogs just in a different way. According to Purina, “Cat ‘eye-kisses,’ which is when a cat stares with half-closed eyelids and offers a few slow blinks, means your kitty is showing some serious adoration for you.” Cats complement the flexible lifestyle freelancers often live, requiring little maintenance and minimal required space.


These are your classic lounge cats. They like to stretch, to stare, to yawn, and to try and remember that thing from that one time but can never seem to. These are the ideal cats if you prefer a pet as an aesthetic choice, as opposed to a companion.


While there is no such thing as an 100% hypoallergenic cat, the Bengal is certainly a good choice for those who are allergically sensitive as they shed less hair than the average kitty. Plus, it’s like having your own mini tiger.


These cats are so named because they go limp when held in your arms. Ragdolls are the ideal lap cat. They’re incredibly affectionate as well as tolerant, so will be happy to collapse in the arms of anyone. Their luxuriant fur and piercing blue eyes will make you the envy of any bond villain.


If you work from home but want to get outside more, a dog is a no-brainer. They’re full of unconditional love, high energy, and are scientifically proven to be healthy for your heart! Unlike Cats, however, Dogs require more attention and responsibility. If you’re used to a clean environment, then be prepared to adapt to some mess, at least while they’re puppies. That being said, there are plenty of dogs that don’t shed and are perfectly comfortable hanging inside.


Practically a staple of apartment living. These small dogs require a brisk walk a day and they're good. Plus they rarely bark. If you live in a city, you’re a trend follower, and you don’t want to think too much about what breed is right for you, a French bulldog is a great option.


Schnauzers are great for people with allergies as they don’t shed, drool, or produce dander nearly as much as other dogs. They’re smart and easy to train, plus they come in three different sizes: mini, standard, and giant. The perfect fit for whatever size home you live in.


A classic dog breed, Beagles are incredibly friendly and amicable, especially with other animals. If you already have a pet and want to get another, rest assured that a Beagle will get along with almost any species. Although, like most hounds, Beagles tend to be barkers.


What can you really do with these animals aside from admire them? Well, just that. Reptiles won’t give you a reason to go outside and you can’t cuddle with your bird. But if you’re looking for something that’s relatively easy to take care of and adds to the aesthetic of your work-from-home environment, these are the pets for you. You can spend time getting creative and building a cool ecosystem for them to live in. No painting or photograph beats a live animal as decoration.


One of the easiest reptiles to take care of might also be one of the least expected. Bearded Dragons are much more lizard than dragon, and are quite gentle. They enjoy being picked up and aren’t fussy eaters. Just make sure you have enough space for them as they can grow up to two feet long and live for over 10 years.


One of the most popular avian pets, canaries actually prefer not to be handled and are totally fine hanging out in their cage all day. They are some of the most low maintenance pets available. They come in many beautiful colors for you to admire, plus they have an excellent singing voice (don’t worry they aren’t too loud).


At risk of becoming the creepy snake guy, these slithery citizens are worth considering as a pet. Snakes only need to be fed once a week, can be left alone for a few days without a sitter, and don’t require UBA/UBV light in their tank. That being said, you have to be willing to feed them dead mice and rats. Once you get over that, it’s no problem. Corn snakes in particular are quite docile, don’t get too big, or live too long. Just make sure to get a tight-fitting lid!


There are actually some birds who like to be physical. Cockatiels can be very affectionate company especially when raised by humans from infancy. They also aren’t too large and unlike many bird species, don’t make much noise at all.

We all like to think that we can work and live on our own, but company never hurt anyone. Pets require time and patience, but you don’t have to spend hours commuting back and forth to a job. Use that time to get closer to your pet.