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We at Freelancer Magazine care not only about inspiring and educating freelancers, but about hiring them too. What kind of advocate for freelancing would we be if we didn’t use freelancers ourselves? If you’re a freelancer who’d like to contribute to our magazine and become part of our community, please follow our application process below.​ We prefer not to accept one off article submissions, but would rather our freelance contributors become part of our extended team. Once you do, you’ll find that being a contributor for Freelancer Magazine provides much more than just compensation for articles. You’ll receive discounted access to our premium content, invites to events both in-person and virtual, and a genuine interest in your career as a writer. Our editors want to develop talented and consistent contributors. They take an interest in advancing our freelancer’s abilities and collaborate on all articles. If this opportunity is of interest to you, we look forward to working together, and to seeing your content in our magazine. 

Before Applying: 
·    We are not currently accepting contributors located outside the US
·    Before you can start writing for us, we require sensitive information such as Bank Account info, an I-9 form and a W-4 form so we can properly pay you via direct deposit
·    Our articles do not have bylines so your names will not be on the articles you write, but you will be featured on our contributors page

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