Did you land some more work than usual this month? Have your recent gigs been paying more than they used to? If so then you may be staring at the extra money in your bank account and wondering what to spend it on. We could be Debbie downers and tell you to put it directly into your savings young man, but maybe you’ve got money saved up. You’ve been responsible and disciplined and you deserve a bit of self-indulgence. Well there’s a world of things you can spend those extra bands on, but in our book, an experience beats any item. Certainly there are plenty of items worthwhile, but if you’ve got all the essentials (furniture, computer, car, clothes, etc.) then there probably aren’t many items you want or need. Sure you could always upgrade, but new silverware or a new phone is probably something you would save up for anyway. We’re talking about a splurge. You’ve got extra cash and you want to spend it. Well Freelancing provides the opportunity for spontaneous adventure, so you might as well take it.


If you live in a city and you aren’t taking advantage of the food around you then why are you living there? Cooking is great and all, but, and we mean no offense by this, there are probably dozens of restaurants within a mile of your home producing better food than you ever will in your entire life. It’s literally their job to produce tasty food, plus, this is a better time than ever to support your local businesses. You don’t need to be eating out every meal (you probably shouldn’t be), but rather you could use that extra money to have a few more memorable meals. Maybe head to that fancy steakhouse you always walk past, or that exclusive 10 seat sushi bar without waiting for your parents to pay, or go balls to the wall and look up the local Michelin guide. You’ll remember a meal like that for the rest of your life, if not for the food, for the sheer extravagance of it. If you’re feeling generous you could skip the 3-star Michelin spot and just buy a bunch of food for all your friends. Order some nice catering, or maybe rent out a bar for a night. Plus, now your friends owe you, and you can hold it over their heads forever.


There is more entertainment in our living rooms today than most humans have had access to in all of history. So when we say entertainment, we don’t mean sit down on the couch and turn on Netflix. Despite the near infinite libraries of media at our fingertips, there is still incredible value in getting out of the house and seeing something live. A movie is probably the first thing that comes to your mind, and with apps like AMC A-list it’s cheaper than ever, but there are plenty of more special ways to spend that extra dough. Sticking with movies, a drive-in (they are still around) is a surprisingly fun experience, and not just for the nostalgia aspect. If you’re a film geek you could try and see a special showing of a film. Many theaters screen older films in their original 70mm cuts which is sure to give your average nerd a boner. If something live is more special to you then try and catch a Broadway show, or some stand-up comedy, or a concert, or hell even the circus if they’re in town. Zoom has been a substitute for one on one or small group conversation (although certainly can’t replace real life), but video chats can’t even hope to recreate the experience of many people coming together.  

If your idea of entertainment doesn’t include you sitting and watching something, go for a more interactive experience. An escape room is perfect for the inner detective in you and a rage room is perfect for the inner murderer. If you’re looking for more controlled violence you could always try paintball or ax throwing which has become extremely popular recently. Even bowling alleys have upped their game in recent years to try and attract people out of their homes. Now you can sip craft cocktails while hurling balls at pins in a 1920’s speakeasy. Despite our march toward a virtual world, there are more IRL activities available for the average consumer than ever before.  


This is the big one, the splurge on everyone’s mind all the time (especially these days). Now a big trip is often something we save and plan for, but who says you can’t take a small trip. With Covid still giving the world a migraine, it’s preferable to travel closer to home anyway. Take a weekend trip with your friends. You can book a room in under 5 minutes these days for a very affordable price, and if you don’t have a car one of your friends probably does (you could also rent). Drive to a national park and go camping, or glamping if that’s more your speed. Even the most nature averse can’t resist these tents. Head to a neighboring city and grab a few nights at a nicer hotel than you’d usually stay. Or better yet, just stay at a hotel for a few nights in your own city. Head to the spa, get some room service. No one said you had to actually go somewhere to experience the luxury of travel.

Discipline and prudence are all well and good, but the reward for your hard work is life. If your discipline and prudence have paid off, make sure to spend it on that life.