It’s tough to buy a gift for the person who has everything. It can be equally challenging to buy a gift for the person who needs very little. Freelancers tend to live in a pretty minimal way and aren’t the biggest fans of clutter (which most gifts usually become). As the foremost expert on freelancers, we promise these 9 gifts won’t end up at the back of a closet and actually add to the life of your freelance friend or relative (or more likely, you).


When looking for gifts with utility, using a freelancer’s profession to guide you is a good method. If your gift aligns with their daily tasks and makes them more productive in some way, then it will seamlessly fit into their life. Now they’ll think of you every time they use it.


One of the more common freelance professions is graphic design. Many freelancers work in the visual arts, and this classic Pantone color guide is the only one freelance designers will ever need. Even if they aren’t a graphic artist, this book will come in handy for anyone trying to create a personal brand. Every brand, no matter the size or the industry, needs what the pros call a style guide. Basically a visual and aesthetic rubric for your brand. What colors does your brand use, what fonts does it use, what’s the general sizing of your brand’s visual, etc. 

The book also features academic teaching on design such as a chapter entitled The Psychology of Color. The psychology of color is critical because it affects how people react emotionally to a brand and whether the colors one chooses to send the right message.


Freelancers are on the go, not just in their personal lives, but in their work lives. They can’t always get to the coffee shop or to the library early enough to nab the power outlet. They may not always be on a flight where their seat includes an outlet, but no matter the situation, they need to work. The JIGA 30000mAh Portable Charger is a great solution to keep their devices going. 

JIGA is a new name in terms of power bank technology, but its 30,000mAh power bank is interesting for a number of reasons, not least the huge capacity. It's surprisingly small for such a high-capacity charger (although still probably won’t fit in most pockets). The JIGA has USB-C, Micro-USB, and Lightning inputs, allowing you to fill its battery using whatever cable you have on hand. It’s pretty darn quick too and can charge multiple devices at once. 



Despite being on the move, not all freelancers prefer the trackpad. Some will always make room for a wireless mouse, and with that, one needs a mousepad. Easily the most overlooked bit of kit on your average freelancer's desk is the mouse pad. It's usually some “ergonomic” piece of fabric with an uncomfortable gel wrist rest or has some company’s name stamped on it because you got it for free from some event. Worst of all it could be a stack of books. Leatherology makes a proper grown-up mouse pad. It’s made from genuine full-grained leather and can be personalized with debossed initials. Give the mouse-inclined freelancer some pride for once.


The hustle ends from time and time even for freelancers. Getting a gift that can make their downtime more fun and more enjoyable is certainly a good idea. But remember, no clutter, so whatever you get them, make sure it’s reusable.


If your freelancer (or you) is the bookish type, then Remember It! by Nelson Dellis is a great “two-birds with one stone” option. It’s both a very enjoyable read and an easy way to improving an essential skill: memory. Dellis found existing solutions dry, dull, and too complicated, so he made his book fun and focused on the things people actually need to remember. They address the things we forget the most such as grocery lists, names, where you put those darn house keys, and more. Plus, if your freelancer is bookish, they are also probably the type that enjoys telling people all the random knowledge they have. This book will add to their vault. 


Maybe the most universal toy in history. Legos certainly aren’t only for kids, but if you don’t want to get your freelancer a Millennium Falcon Lego set, there are some more “mature” sets you can get them. They have a whole slew of architecture Lego where you can build everything from the Empire State Building to the Eiffel Tower. You could always get them a classic set of Lego as well. If your freelancer is a homebody, or likes to keep their hands busy, or is just a procrastinator, there are few better playthings than Lego.


It’s 2021, and in our downtime, whether we’re a freelancer or not, many of us will smoke weed. If the freelancer you’re gifting is a big cannabis enthusiast, then there are more ways than ever to celebrate that. That’s what Seth Rogen’s new company Houseplant is all about; cherishing the everyday weed user. Many of their lovely weed paraphernalia sells out fast, but they're always introducing new things, like this cool ceramic ashtray. If you really like the freelancer you’re gifting you could always include some weed as well.


Not to play into stereotypes, but freelancers are pretty fiscally responsible people. That’s what you should call it when you give them one of these gifts so they don’t think you’re calling them cheap. Don’t worry, they’ll appreciate the cost-saving either way.


It might be rare to find them in the wild, but there are plenty of wine-enthusiast freelancers. A must-have for those types is a way to properly store and repour wine. They could always just recork the bottle, but really, they should have a wine carafe. This glass one from Savino is pretty classic, but they also have a cheaper plastic one that won’t break if you’d had a glass too many and start dropping shit. The carafe automatically seals and unseals your wine so every glass is crisp, with hints of blueberry and…grass? Plus, it’s dishwasher safe. 


It might not be the most amusing gift, but freelancers are always happy to improve their financial management skills. They know that good money management is absolutely vital for freelancers, and also one of the hardest things to master. In Good Money, Nathalie Spencer takes a visual approach to the science of making and spending money. 'Good Money reveals how you can be motivated to be better with money and provides you with essential tools to boost your financial wellbeing.' This time next year your freelancer will be buying you the best gifts because with all the money you’ve saved them. 


It may be an interior design faux pas, but faux plants cost pretty much the same as real plants, last pretty much forever, don’t require watering or trimming, and won’t die. If your freelancer doesn’t have the greenest thumb and has spent money replacing plants they’ve killed, then a faux plant is the right move. Nearly Natural's plants are created by horticultural designers with tons of experience working with live plants, so they know exactly what the fake version should look like. They have a huge variety from hanging plants to cactuses to full-on bamboo trees and cypress trees. Nearly Natural prides itself on designing the most live-looking plants, trees, and flowers, and appearances are all that really matter. Plants or otherwise. 

Stop saying “nothing” when your family and friends ask what you want for Christmas or your birthday. Just send them this list.