The subscription box is no doubt a trend item, and will probably wane in popularity in the coming years, but by no means is going away. The reason being is this relatively new type of offering has hit a powerful nerve with people — the desire for both variety and ease, two things that previously were at odds with each other. With subscriptions boxes, one can now create a routine around diversity, almost like a controlled surprise. Well some surprises are certainly better than others. These 9 boxes offer surprises you’ll want to receive over and over again.


This category of subscription box is probably the most popular, with companies like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron becoming household names. Food-based boxes come in a wide variety of formats though. The three we’ve listed here don’t require the same level of preparation as a box like Hello Fresh, but still provide the same sense of culinary adventure.


If you’re the health nut who constantly rummages through the aisles of Whole Foods looking for organic gluten free 100 calorie snacks, Nature Box may be for you. You can choose from over 100 wholesome snacks to be sent to your doorstep for less than $20/month. Some examples of snacks include: Dark Cocoa Almonds, Lemon Tea Biscuits, Honey Dijon Pretzels, and Asiago & Cheddar Cheese Crisps.


Goldbelly sends comfort food straight to your door from restaurants across America. Each month you'll receive a new tasty food item from a restaurant known for that dish. The restaurants that send food are based on the preferences you select when starting your subscription. The foods range from pizza, pie, ice cream, bacon, sandwich, and more. A Goldbelly subscription starts at $45/month.


Shaker & Spoon wants to help you up your mixology game for your "quarantine-is-over" party, or your nightly “when is quarantine going to end” party, or maybe just your Instagram feed. For $50/month, you'll receive three unique recipes from bartenders around the world, along with all the ingredients you need to make them: syrups, bitters, mixers, and garnishes. The alcohol is unfortunately not included, but this way you can make the drink as high-end or low-end as you want.


Another common type of subscription box is the toiletry box. Unlike some other boxes that provide surprise and diversity to your life, these boxes really work best when fully integrated into your daily or weekly routines, and may even supplant the current way you shop. With that in mind, you may need to use these boxes for more than a month to get a good sense of what they offer.


Never underestimate the power of pearly whites. You may brush your teeth three times a day, but if you’re not replacing your toothbrush, you may not be giving your teeth the best possible treatment. Quip will first give you an electronic toothbrush handle for life, and then send new brush heads and toothpaste every 3 months. A partnership between dentists and designers, Quip offers a range of attractive electric toothbrushes built with advanced quadrant timers and sensors. If you travel a bunch, Quip also provides travel toothpaste and covers. You pay $40 up front, and then an additional $10 every three months. Think about the money you'll be saving by not having a dentist fill holes in your teeth.


If you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of having to go number two and realizing you're completely out of toilet paper, you’re not alone. Sudz Club is the answer to not just your TP problems, but all household essentials. The various boxes come with different arrays of products. A “COVID-19” essentials box comes with toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer and costs $31.99. The “Advanced” box also includes shaving cream and a razor and costs $39.99. The “Premium” box adds floss, condoms, pads or tampons, lip balm and lotion, and costs $59.99. Sudz Club claims each subscription box has a value of at least $85, plus, shipping is free.


Finding the right scent for you is like finding one’s true calling. It’s a very elusive thing. Fortunately, you no longer have to spend tons of money trying a bunch of different perfumes. With ScentBird you can try a new (trial-size) fragrance, perfume or cologne, every month for just $15. ScentBird sends you a small sleek perfume sprayer for you to keep. Each month they then send you a new capsule of perfume for your sprayer, and offer hundreds of popular (and some more niche) brands to choose from.


If you really love the subscription box model, if a weekly or monthly surprise in the mail makes your day, or if you’re an avid collector, then these are the boxes for you. Some are a bit pricier, but all that means is a better surprise.


Are you always up on all the latest bands, even before they’re famous? Vinyl Post is a great way for the music lover in you to learn about new artists. Each month, Vinyl Post will send a postcard (that is actually a record you can play on a turntable) featuring one song from an indie artist, a handwritten note from the artist, and custom artwork. If they’d like to frame the postcard instead of playing it, they’ll also receive a digital download of the song. A subscription to Vinyl Post costs only $5/month.


If you’re the kind of person who could use a mid-month pick me up, then “Brother Vellies Something Special Subscription Box” may be for you. For $35/month, you’ll receive a made-to-order “sustainably and ethically made comfort item.” Past boxes include the now-famous Cloud Socks, Oaxacan inspired ceramic mugs, hand poured candles, and other unique items in the home goods or fashion category.  


Do you get off on the latest drone or smartphone case? No shame it in, you're a gadget guy, and you’ll probably dig Breo Box. Each season, you will get a box of five to eight items, including tech accessories, useful doodads, and fitness gear. Each box is valued at over $300, whereas you only pay $159 for each box. Although if you subscribe to an annual plan the price comes to $145. Past boxes have included things like travel bidets, waterproof cameras, and cold-brew coffee makers.

Though some of these boxes can seem like a novelty, they can add a surprising amount of variety, and even joy, to your everyday life.