10 Places To Sell Your Work Online…

Whether you are a Web Designer, Developer, Graphic Designer, Logo Designer, or even a Freelance Writer, there are many places out there that you can sell your work directly online. And the best part about it all? You don’t have to deal with any clients!

If you’ve just dumped 5 mock ups on a client and they rejected every single one of them, all is not lost! You may be able to resell each one of those mock ups online and many times you can end up making more than you might have with that client. Be aware that if you signed a contract to make sure you still have the right to sell that work!

Either way this is a good way to make some extra income when times are slow. Or better yet, a perfect way for those up-coming designers or writers to get the ball rolling and find out if they’re talented enough to go out on their own!

On to the list…

#1 Sitepoint Marketplace

Sitepoint’s Marketplace has a special place in my heart as this is where I got my start before going full time freelancing. I sold templates for almost 2 years and brought in a good chunk of change during that time! You can sell any type of template here as well as domain names, websites, software, scripts and more. The marketplace has also had a bit of a face-lift recently and is still running strong!

#2 WebUnload

WebUnload Marketplace, which brands itself as “The Ebay For Web Stuff” is one I haven’t gotten the chance to try out myself but looks to be rather active. You can sell any type of template, established websites, blogs, domains, and software. Give it a shot!

#3 Pixish

Alright, while Pixish isn’t a place you can sell your work directly as with marketplaces. It is a place where work gets sold. Individuals and Companies hold contests and anyone is free to submit their work. Sometimes the prize is money and sometimes the prize is a cool sleek gadget… and well, sometimes it’s just books! Either way, pixish is pretty active and is a good choice for graphic and logo designers to make a little extra cash.

#4 DigitalPoint Marketplace

DigitalPoint is a hugely active community and contains a pretty active marketplace directly within their forums. You can sell Content, Templates, Domains, Websites, Programs, Scripts and more! The only downside to DigitalPoint is that the members aren’t usually willing to pay near full or sometimes reasonable price for the work! It is a good start for those who need to refine their skills though I must say.

#5 TalkFreelance

TalkFreelance is similar to digitalpoint but usually with higher quality submissions. Members here are usually willing to pay what the item is worth as well. The downside is that it isn’t quite as active as places like DigitalPoint but it is definitely not dead! You can sell the usual Templates, Articles, Domains, Websites and more…

#6 99designs

99Designs is similar to pixish as it holds contests, though 99Designs has a wider variety of type of submissions unlike pixish. From the makers of sitepoint, 99designs seems to be very active and attractive! Mostly for designers as the contests that are held are for Web Designs, Logo Designs, Business cards, and other templates. Definitely worth a try!

#7 Webmaster-Talk

Another forum marketplace, Webmaster-Talk.com, is a somewhat active community where you can sell templates, domains, websites, ad space, and much more! While not as active as some of the others on the list, the wide variety of items you can sell definitely makes it worth a try.

#8 CovantageTemplates

CovantegeTemplates is not a marketplace but a company who will sell your website templates, flash templates, logos, and banners directly through their website and affiliates. At this time, they take a %12 percent share from each sale.

#9 JungleTango

JungleTango is a marketplace for WordPress Themes. Users are allowed to upload there themes, set a price, and receive payments when the template sales reach $100 (similar to adsense). Payout is said to be 1 – 3 days afterwards. While not hugely active, it is worth checking into!

#10 Ebay

Well of course you know of Ebay but did you know you can also sell templates as well as domains and developed websites? While Ebay is of course highly active, selling templates will take a little bit of skill here. Many people may shy away from these kinds of sells as it seems to be populated with cookie-cutter spam type sites and templates. Some do sell and if you have no luck anywhere else, give it a shot!

#11 CrowdSpring

How about one extra? CrowdSpring is a rather new but very promising creative marketplace. I have just recently been aware of CrowdSpring by one of the comments below but I must say I am impressed so far! For Graphic designers, Illustrators, Web Designers, and Photographers, CrowdSpring seems to be taking a fresh and detailed approach to the creative marketplace arena!


Know of another resource I’ve missed? Let me know and leave a comment below (hey, that rhymes!).


13 Responses to “10 Places To Sell Your Work Online…”
  1. Alex,

    That’s a nice summary. But you missed us! We won’t stay mad for long, though, especially if you’ll take a few minutes and look around.

    crowdSPRING (http://www.crowdspring.com) is the creative marketplace. We’re new (launched in May 2008), but in a few short months, have had buyers from 30 countries post nearly 500 projects (ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars each). We have creatives from 125+ countries working on crowdSPRING and always welcome more (and we’ve paid out nearly $100,000 just in a few months!). And here’s how we’re different from everyone else:

    1. We require escrow in every single project. No exceptions. If a buyer “abandons” the project, we select the winning creative and someone is paid.

    2. We pay creatives anywhere in the world and we pay 100% of the awards (we charge buyers a small commission).

    3. We offer full project management, with a robust notification system (email, RSS), and file uploads/downloads.

    4. We have outstanding customer service.

    5. Every project on crowdspring is protected by a customized legal agreement. You own your work at ALL times until it is selected and paid for and you get a copy of that agreement when you’re the winning creative in a project – for EACH project.

    6. We rigorously enforce intellectual property rights and have a full dispute resolution process.

    7. We deeply care about our community. Take a look at our blog, for example, and you’ll see interviews with some of the talented designers in our community (we also feature 2 on our homepage, plus a link to the blog interview). http://blog.crowdspring.com

    We invite you and your readers to come take a look.


    Ross Kimbarovsky

  2. Hi Alex,

    Thanks for pointing out 99designs. “Active and attractive” – I like it :)
    Great to see SitePoint Marketplace at the top of the list too!

    - Paul

  3. Alex S. says:

    @Paul I could never ignore 99designs nor sitepoint :)

    @Ross I like it! It’s now been included :)

  4. John D. says:

    These last two articles have been great! Thanks and keep up the good work!

  5. Hey Alex,

    Thank you for mentioning Webunload.

    We are undergoing some major changes with the site so look out.

    We also believe in an entirely open community hence there are no listing fees whatsoever. =D

    Kind Regards,
    J.R. Bob Dobbs


  6. crowd says:

    Are non-english accepted as well?

    http://www.free-lance.ru/service/shop/ is pretty huge.

  7. Great post and thanks for the tips. I have some free stuff at the blog – mcloide.wordpress.com that might help with PHP programming.

  8. MattZ says:

    Huh? What about ThemeForest? You can sell WordPress, HTML, Flash, and Joomla, sites there.


  9. Thanks a lot for these links! I have been pondering on how to leverage my blog to increase my monthly earnings.

  10. ram says:

    New one rising,


    Providing 70% commission for designers!

  11. wjack2010 says:

    Great websites! Taking a look at quite a few of them as we speak. :)

  12. Jarod says:

    CodeSpare, MMFiles, Codegrape and CodeCanyon seem to all be pretty nice options with no upfront selling fees.


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